The Swedish Association of Public Dental Officers

Tjänstetandläkarna, the Swedish association of employed dentists

Tjänstetandläkarna is a trade union for Swedish dentists employed within the public or private sector. Our main purpose is monitoring the dentists’ working conditions and also to watch over professional interests within the Swedish dentistry. More then 4000 dentist are associated to the organisation.

About 80 % of the employed dentists in Sweden are joined within Tjänstetandläkarna and together we speak loudly for the dentists’ opinions. Being a member of the organization also provides security; the membership can be compared to an insurance that protects the employees in case of changes in their working conditions. The membership does not only strengthen the status of employees within dentistry but also offers members to be a part of a national collegial network.

The union was established in 1990 when Tjänstetandläkarna parted with the Swedish Dental Association (SDA). Through the separation specific areas of responsibility was divided between the organisations and Tjänstetandläkarna hold the character of a trade union. As an example Tjänstetandläkarna negotiates with employers on behalf of our members and holds labour contracts with employers along with observing workplace safety. The cooperation between Tjänstetandläkarna and the SDA is still very intimate and all members of the union are also members within the SDA.

Tjänstetandläkarna represents our members in different areas, such as:

  • in matters related to dental care
  • in contract and negotiation issues
  • advising and assisting members in matters concerning their employment

As a member organization the democratic process is fundamental for Tjänstetandläkarna. All members have an opportunity to raise topics for discussion through the local sections. Our mission is founded in a joint business plan, which is established by the annual society meeting and the activities are carried out by the local sections, the board, and the registry office.

For more information:

The registry office

Tel: 08-54 51 59 80